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Black bear huntThe best season for black bears in our area is mid-May to the end of June and again in September. We have both black and brown colour bears with 100% success on our spring hunts. These are all fair chase hunts. We do not hunt over bait. Hunting is done using horses and occasionally boats, allowing for easy travel from feed area to feed area. Concentration of feed and a plentiful black bear population pretty well assures you of success. Coats are prime at this time of year and hides will typically square 6 ft. though we have taken bears over 7 ft.

This is a full seven days of hunting and includes license, one black bear tag and one wolf tag, 1:1 guide service, meals and camp accommodation.

Season: Apr. 1 to Jun. 30 and Sep. 1 to Nov. 30
Black Bear Hunts

Black Bear hunt
Two grizzlies
Black Bear Hunting

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